Accelerate your business with an enterprise subscription to ChatGPT and Midjourney

Your success is our goal. Connect to a corporate subscription to ChatGPT and Midjourney and see how AI can become an indispensable assistant in your company's work!

An effective tool for your team

An effective tool for your team

Artificial intelligence is the key to business success today. By implementing ChatGPT and Midjourney, you will significantly optimize your team's work and automate a wide range of tasks. By purchasing a subscription, you not only get access to cutting-edge technology, but also the opportunity to receive our training to get the most out of AI. This will free up the team's resources for truly important tasks. It's time to switch your routine to automatic and focus on growing your business!

Maximum benefit for companies

This plan provides the full power of the ChatGPT and Midjourney neural network aggregator, providing your organization with a number of unique benefits

  • We conclude an agreement
  • We work with documents through EDF
  • Pay only for actual use, no subscription fees. If you don't use it, don't pay
  • We provide training on the basics of working with the interface and ChatGPT
  • Data confidentiality is ensured by encryption
  • It is possible to use add-ons for office programs (additional service)
Maximum benefit for companies

Benefits of ChatGPT for business

In the field of marketing

ChatGPT can help you create sales texts, generate ideas for content, and automate the process of processing client requests.

In the field of customer service

ChatGPT can be used to automatically answer frequently asked questions, provide personalized support, and improve the overall customer experience.

Management and project management

ChatGPT can help plan and manage projects, provide guidance on process optimization, and assist in strategic decision making.

In the field of personnel training and development

ChatGPT helps you create interactive content, generate quizzes, and provide personalized feedback. This allows you to effectively train new employees, develop team skills and increase the overall level of knowledge in the organization.

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Corporate rate

Take advantage of our platform's unlimited capabilities with a corporate plan!

  • Individual approach
  • Priority support
  • Control of token expenses by team members

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