Available neural network models

Cost in CapsCost in rubles
ModelContext size (in tokens)Prompt cost (per 1 token)Response cost (per 1 token)Prompt cost (per 1k tokens)Response cost (per 1k tokens)
GPT-3.54 095110,20,2
GPT-3.5-16k16 383220,40,4
GPT-48 191303066
GPT-4-32k32 76760601212
GPT-4-Turbo128 000151533
Claude V2100 000151533
Cost of one MidJourney generation 40 000 Caps or 8 RUB
Cost of one Dall-e generation 20 000 Caps or 4 RUB
The price of caps is tied to the cost of the base version of GPT-3.5 tokens on the OpenAI website. The price may change in the event of a significant fluctuation in the USD exchange rate. The current exchange rate: 1000 caps = 0.2 rubles. To convert the cost of GPT-3.5 tokens from dollars to caps, you can use the following formula: Number of caps = (Cost of ChatGPT-3.5 tokens in dollars × Dollar rate / Cost of 1000 caps in rubles) × 1000 For calculations at the present time, we take the cost of 1 dollar = 100 rubles. In case of significant fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, the price of caps will be adjusted accordingly.