Available neural network models

Cost in CapsCost in rubles
ModelContext size (in tokens)Prompt cost (per 1 token)Response cost (per 1 token)Prompt cost (per 1k tokens)Response cost (per 1k tokens)
GPT-3.54 095110,20,2
GPT-3.5-16k16 383220,40,4
GPT-48 191303066
GPT-4-32k32 76760601212
GPT-4-Turbo128 000151533
Claude V2200 000151533
Claude V3 Opus200 00037.537.57.57.5
Claude V3 Sonnet200 0007.
Claude V3 Haiku200 0000.6250.6250.1250.125
Gemini Pro131 0720.18750.18750.03750.0375
Gemini Pro Vision65 5360.18750.18750.03750.0375
Mistral 7B32 7680.0650.0650.0130.013
Mistral 8X7B32 7680.1350.1350.0270.027
Cost of one MidJourney generation 40 000 Caps or 8 RUB
Cost of one Dall-e generation 20 000 Caps or 4 RUB
The price of caps is tied to the cost of the base version of GPT-3.5 tokens on the OpenAI website. The price may change in the event of a significant fluctuation in the USD exchange rate. The current exchange rate: 1000 caps = 0.2 rubles. To convert the cost of GPT-3.5 tokens from dollars to caps, you can use the following formula: Number of caps = (Cost of ChatGPT-3.5 tokens in dollars × Dollar rate / Cost of 1000 caps in rubles) × 1000 For calculations at the present time, we take the cost of 1 dollar = 100 rubles. In case of significant fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, the price of caps will be adjusted accordingly.