Available neural network models

Cost in CapsCost in dollars
ModelContext size (in tokens)Prompt cost (per 1 token)Response cost (per 1 token)Prompt cost (per 1k tokens)Response cost (per 1k tokens)
GPT-3.54 095110.0020.002
GPT-3.5-16k16 383220.0040.004
GPT-48 19130300.060.06
GPT-4-32k32 76760600.120.12
GPT-4-Turbo128 00015150.030.03
GPT-4o128 0007.57.50.0150.015
Claude V2200 00015150.030.03
Claude V3 Opus200 00037.537.50.0750.075
Claude V3 Sonnet200 0007.57.50.0150.015
Claude V3 Haiku200 0000.6250.6250.001250.00125
Gemini Pro131 0720.18750.18750.0003750.000375
Gemini Pro Vision65 5360.18750.18750.0003750.000375
Gemini 1.522 93725.7525.750.05150.0515
Mistral 7B32 7680.0650.0650.000130.00013
Mistral 8X7B32 7680.1350.1350.000270.00027
Llama 3 8B8 1920.750.750.00150.0015
Llama 3 70B8 1921.051.050.00210.0021
Cost of using Whisper API 3000 caps/minute

To generate images:

Cost per MidJourney generation in Relax mode.20 000 Caps / 0.045 USD
Cost per MidJourney generation in Fast mode40 000 Caps / 0.09 USD
Cost per MidJourney generation in Turbo mode80 000 Caps / 0.18 USD
Cost per generation in Dall-e model20 000 Caps / 0.045 USD
Premium: 200000 ChatGPT-4-Turbo tokens. Approximately 640000 English characters. Enough to write the novel "The Master and Margarita" or to generate 300 images.
Elite: 2000000 ChatGPT-4-turbo tokens. Approximately 6400000 English characters. Enough to write the novel "War and Peace" or to generate 3000 images.
The price of caps is tied to the price of the base version of GPT-3.5 tokens on the OpenAI website. A change in price may occur if the US dollar exchange rate fluctuates significantly. Current exchange rate: 1000 caps = 0.2 rubles. To convert the value of GPT-3.5 tokens from dollars to caps, you can use the following formula: Number of caps = (Cost of ChatGPT-3.5 tokens in dollars × Dollar exchange rate / Cost of 1000 caps in rubles) × 1000 For calculations at the moment we take the value of 1 dollar = 100 rubles. In case of significant fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate, the price of caps will be adjusted accordingly.

Comparison of Chat GPT-3.5 and Chat GPT 4.0 models

Many people ask what is the difference between ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 and why you should overpay and buy the fourth model. To illustrate the differences in the versions' abilities, we let them solve the same riddle.

Query:There are two horses in a wagon. Each is running at a speed of 45 km/h. What is the speed of the wagon?
Answer ChatGPT-3.5
The speed of the wagon is equal to the sum of the speeds of the two horses. Since both horses are running at 45 km/h, the speed of the wagon will be 45 km/h + 45 km/h = 90 km/h.
Answer ChatGPT-4
If two horses are harnessed to the same wagon and are running in the same direction, then the speed of the wagon will be equal to the speed of the horses as they are moving it together. That is, the speed of the wagon will also be 45 km/h, provided the horses are synchronized and no external factors slow down the wagon (e.g., friction, air resistance, road gradient, etc.).
Query:Which tree does the hare sit under when it rains?
Answer ChatGPT-3.5
Under no tree. A hare doesn't usually sit under a tree when it's raining, but seeks shelter from the moisture.
Answer ChatGPT-4
It's an old riddle. Under which tree does the hare sit when it rains? Answer: under the wet one. This answer is based on a play on words because the question is asked in such a way that the name of a particular tree is expected, but the answer is to describe the condition of the tree, not the kind of tree.
Query:What bird does not lay eggs, but hatches itself from an egg?
Answer ChatGPT-3.5
What kind of bird doesn't lay eggs, but hatches from an egg?
Answer ChatGPT-4
This is a classic riddle. The answer is a rooster. The rooster is the male of the hen, so he doesn't lay eggs, but like all birds, the rooster hatches from an egg.
Query:There were 90 apples on a birch tree. A strong wind blew, and 10 apples fell. How many are left?
Answer ChatGPT-3.5
There are 80 apples left.
Answer ChatGPT-4
This problem sounds like a joke or a play on words, since apples don't usually grow on birch trees. It is most likely a joke or a puzzle, and the correct answer depends on the context in which the question is asked. If we take the question literally, then the answer would be that there are 0 apples left on the birch tree, because apples cannot grow on a birch tree. But if we assume that this is part of a joke and we take the given conditions as given, then after 10 apples fell down, there are 80 apples left on the birch tree (90 - 10 = 80).
Query:A man was driving down the road in his truck. The headlights weren't on. The moon was not shining. A woman in black clothes was crossing the road in front of the truck. How did the man see her?
Answer ChatGPT-3.5
The man saw the woman in black clothes because of the headlights on the truck.
Answer ChatGPT-4
The man saw the woman because it was daytime. Pointing out that the headlights were off and the moon was not shining may be misleading, but it does not rule out the possibility of daylight.