Setting up Pal Chat to use with BotHub

Instructions for setting up the Pal Chat client for use with BotHub
1. Download and install the Pal Chat app for iOS from the App Store at the following link:
Pal chat dark
2. Open the Pal Chat app on your device.3. Go to the Pal Chat app settings to enter the necessary information for connecting to BotHub.
4. In the baseURL field, enter the following address:

5. You will also need an API access key for BotHub. To obtain the key, log into your account on the BotHub website.6. In your BotHub account, find the section where you can generate or copy an existing API key.
7. Copy the API key and paste it into the appropriate field in the Pal Chat settings.
8. After entering the baseURL and the API key, save the settings.9. Now you can use Pal Chat to communicate with artificial intelligence through BotHub.
If you encounter any issues during the setup or use of Pal Chat with BotHub, you can seek assistance from the BotHub support service or the Pal Chat user community.